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BIG PAPI II: Official mascot of the Santa Ana Bulldogs

BIG PAPI II on a sports program on Channel 9

Our beloved Bigpapibull Crenshaq (BIG PAPI II) follows in the footsteps of his father Buster Big Papi (BIG PAPI I) and is the official mascot of the Santa Ana Bulldogs.  It gives us much pleasure to support this growing league in Costa Rica and to be a part of this great group of people involved in this wonderful sport.


This year the Bulldogs are going for another undefeated season and 3 in a row.  We would like to share pictures of some of the highlights of  BIG PAPI II  in his roll as team mascot.  Like every bulldog he loves the attention and is always in the middle of things sharing time with team members and fans.


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